Air ducts circulate air in your home, condo, apartment or business, and keep the environment cool in the warm weather and warm in the cold weather. You and your family or employees breathe in the air circulated through these air ducts every day. Periodic cleaning is required to keep them free of dirt, dust, and grime. Advanced ProAir Professional cleans air ducts removing sediment and dirt from supply and return air ducts too.

We use Rotobrush BrushBeat vacuums, a high powered machine with brushes that rotates and removes heavy buildup in the duct system. It reaches long distances and has advanced accessories to clean your air ducts thoroughly. There are many reasons to schedule an air duct cleaning once or twice a year with our air duct cleaning NJ services for residential and commercial businesses.

A Clean Environment Free of Allergens and Toxins

An air duct cleaning removes toxins and allergens from that air that might end up on furniture, couches and beds producing an unhealthy environment. Dust and dirt combined with allergens, mould, mildew, pet dander, and bacteria circulates through the house producing allergies and illness. Some people suffer from allergies, and cleaning the air ducts regularly helps them survive allergy season. This creates a healthier environment, making it easier for everyone to breathe the air. Mould grows in air ducts due to moisture and cleaning removes these toxins.

Improves Air Flow and Odors in the Home

Mould, dirt and allergens build up in the air ducts giving your space an unpleasant smell. The smell can permeate the house making it smell musty, mouldy, and not clean. Not only is this embarrassing, but it is also a health risk for your family friends and employees. When the air ducts become clogged with dirt, the airflow is reduced. The air conditioning will blow warm air and the heat will not warm the area. Airflow through the vents is essential for the HVAC system to work well. These air ducts help your system cool and heat your home effectively. This reduces the electricity bill because the system is not overworking.

Signs the Air Ducts Need Cleaning

When you look at the air ducts in different rooms you will see dirt and dust in the vents if the system has not been cleaned in a long time. When dirt builds up in the vents, soon after you have cleaned them, it’s time to have a professional air duct cleaning NJ services. When you notice the airflow from the vents is not strong and seems to have changed, this is another sign they need a deeper cleaning. Some air ducts have rodent dropping and this means that you might have an infestation of mice or other rodents. Insect husks or shells in your air ducts indicates a possible insect infestation. Both infestations are a serious threat to your health.

Types of Air Ducts We Clean

We clean all types of air ducts flexible, rigid, fibreglass, fiberboard, and sheet metal. Sheet metal is made of aluminium or steel. They are round, square, or shaped in a spiral form. Sheet metal is the most durable and least likely to get dirt buildup. They are easier to clean and less likely to develop mould and bacteria. These air ducts are popular when installing HVAC systems. Regular cleaning will keep your system running effectively and the air healthy in your environment. Sheet metal ducts are often found in large and traditional-style homes and commercial businesses.

Flexible air ducts are round tubes made of steel wire and covered with plastic. Most are covered with insulation to control the air temperature. These air ducts are easy to install and inexpensive. They are used in small and oddly shaped rooms and spaces. They bend around rigid structures and dirt builds up due to their structure and kinks in their shape. The ridges in the ducts need to be cleaned due to the fact that sometimes restrict the airflow. They are resistant to mould and dust but are easier to puncture and require professional air duct cleaning to they are not damaged when cleaning.

Fibreglass lined air ducts are made of sheet metal and often lined inside or outside with fibreglass. The fibreglass prevents moisture buildup and controls the temperature. It makes the noise of the HVAC system quieter. It is often installed in commercial and office buildings. We clean air ducts for offices, retail, businesses, companies, restaurants, medical facilities and other business. Our Rotobrush system is designed to clean all types of air ducts effectively. Fibreglass air ducts are hard to clean and require professional cleaning. They can release fibreglass into the air and this is dangerous to breathe.

Fibreglass duct are more prone to have mould and bacteria build-up. That is why it is essential to have them cleaned by professionals like Advanced AirPro Professional Service. Our professional air duct cleaning NJ services are professional and timely. We clean all type of air ducts and use the right tools to do the job correctly.

Cleaning Improves the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Regular air duct cleaning keeps your air conditioning and heating system running longer. When there is less stress on the system to cool or heat it does not wear out or break as often. Air duct cleaning is preventative maintenance to ensure your business or home air quality remains healthy. You want your family, friends, employees, and associate to breathe clean air and be comfortable in the home or work environment. Air quality is essential to good health. This is why professional air duct cleaning NJ by trained staff keeps your environment safe and healthy.

It saves on electricity and expensive repairs for your HVAC system. Clean air ducts mean fewer breakdowns and costly repairs. We use brushes and a powerful vacuuming system to clean the air ducts. We have filter bags that collect the dander, mould and dirt ensuring your air ducts are clean. Our BrushBeast uses special tools to clean all types of air ducts.

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