Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to stop going outside to breathe the fresh air, but we want to make sure the air inside your home is as clean as possible. And with the pollution outside your home from motor vehicles, and the pollen from the trees, it is actually possible for the air in your home air to be cleaner. Your duct systems in your home are intrinsically connected to your heating and cooling system, but regardless of if you are using the fan mode on your thermostat, or warming up, or cooling down your home, the air has to travel through your ducts.

Dander, dust, and even chemicals get recirculated through your home a bunch of times every single day, we are here to clean house (literally)!

Need Professional Ventilation Cleaning?

The Rotobrush Can Get It Clean In A Jiffy!

Over time, you air ducts can become contaminated with bacteria, fungi, mold, and a lot of dust and debris which a HVAC system can't remove. With use of the proper equipment like the Rotobrush, we can improve air quality dramatically, and also have it done in no time flat!

How do we clean your Ducts exactly?

We use the absolute best and most powerful tools in the industry. One of those tools is called the “rotobrush” air duct cleaning machine. The Rotobrush is a super-powered vacuum and rotational brush system that can remove the heaviest build ups in any duct systems. With the latest in air duct cleaning technology, not only will it clean any duct, it can reach any distance with its oversized extended hoses brushes.

Its not called “The Brush Beast” for no reason! Even though it has beastly power, it’s equipped with all the most advanced accessories such as filter bags to guarantee the dust, dander, and other nasty things you don’t want to breathe are kept sealed tightly away so you can breathe easy.

Transparent and competitive pricing

Many Ductwork companies make promises for whole house air duct cleaning without clarifying the number of ducts including in their “too good to be true” pricing. While we offer specials for full home air duct cleanings, we make sure you know exactly what is included. Every house is different, so we let you know what the cost is before we get to work. No hidden charges or fees, and no skyrocketing prices in the middle of the job.

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Advanced Professional Air is excited to serve Northern New Jersey inducing Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Morris Country, and Sussex County NJ. No duct system is too big or too small, or too difficult for our team. We also offer excellent and premium commercial duct cleaning services. Learn more about us or schedule your appointment today.