It happens, seriously. If there Is serious lint build up it can cause your dryer to burn or catch on fire, which could cause serious damage to your home, and worse yet, endanger your family.

Our dryer vent cleaning service has the benefits of:

  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Faster drying times
  • Lowering maintenance and repair bills
  • Increases your dryer life span
  • Reduces the risk of dryer and vent related fires

Need Professional Ventilation Cleaning?

The Rotobrush Can Get It Clean In A Jiffy!

Over time, you air ducts can become contaminated with bacteria, fungi, mold, and a lot of dust and debris which a HVAC system can't remove. With use of the proper equipment like the Rotobrush, we can improve air quality dramatically, and also have it done in no time flat!

Our prices mirror our Service quality:

Some companies will offer you extremely low prices, even under $50 or $60 dollars. But you only get what you pay for. A $50 cleaning job is going to be a superficial one, where the “technician” uses hand tools to clean only the easily reaches parts of your dryer duct. And then in a few months, you will have the same problem you set out to fix the first time.

We use special tools that can navigate throughout the whole surface area of your vent from beginning to end. The machines we use can push our hundreds of PSI for extreme lint blasting power. We want to guarantee an excellent and thorough job, so prices depend on the jobs size and complexity. We never short-change our customers, and every job is completed to 100% satisfaction.

Schedules your Dyer Air Vent Cleaning Today

Advanced Professional Air doesn’t want you to “vent“ your frustrations. Air out your vent related problems with an on-site consultation by calling us. We are excited to meet you today!