Which habits are damaging your air conditioner?


No matter how experienced DIYer you are, AC is not a college project that you can succeed by just looking at some home improvement videos. ITs inspection, maintenance, installation, and repair should be best left to professionals for quality and safe service.

Not changing the filters

Filters are responsible for cleaning the conditioned air that enters the room and the house, ensuring a healthy environment. But they require periodic replacement, which, if not taken care, can reduce the AC’s efficiency.

Adjust thermostat often

Frequently changing the temperature setting of the thermostat can lead to extensive wear and tear of the system, thereby affecting its efficiency and reducing operational life.


Common Problems Air Conditioners face:

Leakage in refrigerant

Freon, also known as the refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air in the unit. Leakage in the refrigerant can lead disrupt the functionality of the air conditioner. If your AC has to be continuously recharged for refrigerant, then it’s damaged and needs immediate repair.

Improper wiring

If you have got the wiring done from an uncertified, unlicensed local handyman who can not guarantee the quality, your AC is vulnerable to damage.

Frozen Coil

Like dirt, dust, and debris- a frozen coil can be the reason for improper airflow to the different areas of the home. Low refrigerant or damaged ductwork can contribute to the freezing of the coil.


What are the signs that you need to search for Air Conditioning repair in my area?

  • Poor airflow
  • High level of humidity
  • Water Leakage
  • Unexplained stench
  • Noises such as squealing, grinding 

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